Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Race Week Countdown: 4

quite a busy day today so after yesterday's long post, this'll be brief as i'm quite worn out!
the day consisted of 3 session - a run with Lotte who had to be asked to run a bit easier ( as usual) until we got to our 30 sec strides at the end of the run. a bit of stretching with the students of ART ( active release technique). a pool swim, with lotte again who really did a great job of sticking with me on my set. ten met with John and Bevan from IM talk and a couple of Epi campers for a spin up the queen K. very social - not! though it was nice to meet a few of the faces that we'll be sharing our epic NZ experience with, as soon as we started pedaling, they were off in the distance! i stuck to my planned 90 min easy ride and got back just in time for my massage. a chance to lie, relax and have my feet rubbed. heaven. then back into town just in time for teh parade of nations, and directly into dinner at the Canoe Club. phew. just time to catch up on emails and the blog. 'night 'night.

Oh, and happy birthday, David. if you are sad enough to be reading this - get a life!!!

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