Friday, 9 August 2013

Ironman Uk - race report

visit my website to read the report of last weekend's race, ironman uk 2013

& get up early on sunday morning to see it on channel 4 tv!

Thursday, 8 August 2013

race week preparations

Although every race I travel to is a unique experience in terms of the location, degree of access to the courses and other training facilities and nature of my accommodation, there are a few features of my race week preparations that I try to keep consistent. By the time you are on race site there’s very little in the way of training that can improve your fitness for race day, but feeling prepared by following a few key workout outs as “looseners” and to gain some familiarity of the course is essential to get me ready to race. Whist having rigid set of pre-race rituals is not something that I personally believe to be productive - these can verge towards superstition and there is a danger of undermining confidence if it is not possible to observe the “rituals” -  know what works for you in the run up to an event makes planning simple and provides a degree of stability in an often unfamiliar and nerve-wracking environment. 

Here is a short piece that I provided for my Team sponsors Active Instinct on the topic in the form of a race week diary leading into Ironman UK 2013

Monday, 5 August 2013

post DE/pre UK: 2 Ironman, 4 weeks

what to do with 4 weeks between Ironman races?

read the blog that i contributed for   here

i'd like to retract my comment about being "unsupported out there" - the support that I had, both personal and general, was AMAZING!!
thanks so much Bolton, Emma & Ali and others who happened to be there either racing or spectating.

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