Thursday, 1 October 2009

kona diary - day 3

30th sept
Day 3 – 30 September

We swam whole swim course this morning – well its not quite exactly but the far marker buoy is out there (waaaay out there – but you can see it as you get close). 4 of us out, Steven and Russ’s new room mate , Martin, up ahead and Russell and myself following behind. I managed to stay on Russ’ s feet until about half way, when I had to make an adjustment to swim suit ( salt water really makes the seams really chaff) and lost him. So i was all alone out in le grande bleu….dont know if there really were dolphins out today a Steven claimed. I think I swim with eyes closed quiet a lot! On the way back, Russ towed me awhile before deciding to go explore of course so I followed my own line home. Took a total of 85min, with brief regrouping stops.

At midday headed out for a run up Ali’i drive. Hottest part of the day – might as well get used to it though. Ran easy to the little blue and white turn around church and ‘race pace’ on way back. Hot hot hot. Finished by jumping in the hotel pool. Not sure that’s very considerate to the other guests…but felt damn good.

Final workout of the day – and I put this of as long as daylight would allow – a 90 min bike session on the Queen K with some short hard intervals. Finished up just before sun-down with memories of last years race triggered by the light of the low sun, reflected in the ocean and the town of Kona in the distance…

Boiled up my eggs for tea in the coffee machine. Not sure that’s very considerate to the other guests…but the eggs were damn good.

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runtilyoudrop said...

Sounds lovely out there.

I cycled P for a change. ;-)

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