Sunday, 11 October 2009

IM HI. phew

swim- 1:07:46 pleased with this. it was a hard swim, crowded and quite a bit of surf. pretty much on target.
bike 5:32:19. was aiming for 5:30 but on the whole i feel i rode well. there were a group of girls in my age group who i was exchanging places with ( and a bit of chat) kept me honest and in good spirits, until the final 25 miles when the headwind got the better of me. i'd made a up a lot of places on teh rollers but the direct wind on flatter road was wiping me out.
run - 3:34:31. well, obviously not great. started off good - feeling super at 7 min miles or thereabouts and was about to run into 3rd place despite a portaloo stop on Alii drive ( worth it!) but mile 14 i developed terrible sticth and walked. was passed by 2 of my age group. rehydrated and recomposed i recovered to a run, but nothing faster than 8:30 place....and a lot of suffering. there was a lot of carnage out there today, you know how it is out here. i really dont think i could have done anything different at teh time. however, had i known that i was actually holding 6th , and not a podium may have been different, but i refuse to think about that this evening - i was just so happy to finish!!! i really enjoyed the race and feel quite proud, though disappointing to miss a prize by so little.

steven swam and biked into 7th in AG. run walk ok for about 8 miles untill he cramped bad. spent some time horizontal on Alii drive (lucky i did not see him, or woudl have been tempted to join him) walked a bit after that, with Douglas!, and mangaed to get running again in teh end. he's pleased and tucking into massive icecream and cakes.
i needed an ice bath and a bit of a chill.

more detailed report will follow - off to go cheer te last finishers home.


H said...

great result, and sooo close to the podium, well done Jo :) Enjoy the recovery.

H & T

Phil said...

Bloody great effort Jo, very controlled and am very happy for you and steve both. Looking forward to seeing you both in NZ soon and you will be able to tell me the full story in person. Take care and enjoy the fruits of completing the race in Kona HI. Later Phil.

p.mccrossin said...

Hi Jo, Great effort have been thinking of you over there. Get over to Eggs and things to celebrate. Looks like you will be needing an adjustment after that effort. Best to Steve

Paul (Chiro)

p.mccrossin said...

Hi Jo and Steve,

Well done I am sure you will be needing an adjustment after that effort. Lots of people back in London supporting you. Enjoy Eggs and Things and see you when you get back.

Paul (Chiro)

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