Thursday, 8 October 2009

Race Week Countdown: 3

A day without training today so I’ve had a good chance to check out the expo here, get registration done and finally meet with Chris from American Bicycle Group in person and go over a few details of the sponsorship deal that we’ve been working out for next year. He is a super busy guy, passionate about his work and the products that he distributes, jetting all over the world for trade shows and bike fairs non-stop, it seems. Certainly a hard guy to track down, but in person he’s surprisingly chilled, totally level and it was reassuring to meet him after so many unreturned calls! The deal: it’s really exciting – not only do I get a fabulous space-age racing bike (check out the design features of Quintana Roo’s CD.01 for the ultimate triathlete’s wet dream) – but he actually has his stock in early this year and there’s a reasonable chance I’ll be able to take it out to Aus and NZ next month. Failing that, he’ll ship it out. It really is an awesome deal, with Powertap, wheels AND a training bike included. He mentioned in passing the possibility of a custom (blue) paint -job, but I dare not push my luck! I’m going to test –ride one tomorrow morning. If its too good, I’ll not want to ride Obi on Saturday!!! Anyway, there’s an additional incentive to race well: I don’t want him having second thoughts now!

It’s getting busier still here – and most people having regoisterd are now tagged with athlete’s wrist bands. This year they’ve given each age group a different colour band. So not only is it easier to check out your competition pre race, what they’re eating in lava java, how much race nutrition they’re buying, how fast they’re running past you up Alii Drive…but on race day we’re not relying on greasy ink mark on the calf – most people will be wearing compression socks anyway. Actually, I have some great new ones from SLS here with me...and have been wearing them in training. The y have really firm compression, you can feel it, and are quite thick material, but are surprisingly cool. However I’m undecided whether to race in them since they are a bit sticky to get on…and will be even more so with sweaty legs. Reckon I’ll decide in T2.


Anita said...

Loving your blog! I almost feel like I'm there reading it! It's very exciting to hear a real experience in the lead up to the race. Have an awesome race on Saturday and will be following the race back home in UK on Ironman Live.

Phil said...

Hi Jo, loving the blog, hope all goes well for the deal, sounds like all action stations for you. I hope all the prep goes well and the race goes as it should based on your preperation and you get the result you deserve. Looking forward to seeing you and steve in NZ although my form is nothing like you guys but will be good to catch up. Enjoy the day and seize the race. Phil.

joannacarritt said...

thanks for the comments and good luck wishes peeps,
its nice to know someone is reading!
hope you're not toooooo jealous ;o)

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