Monday, 23 June 2008


a week after the epic adventures and I'm finaly feeling back to normal. well almost. feeling like a well conditioned able -bodied person in their early 30s, as opposed to the 75 year old, 40-a-day cripple that got off the flight from verona last week monday...

i was pretty shocked at how deeply fatigued that week of overlaoad had left me. not only that but the withdrawal and blues that go along with it. motivation = low. desire for beer and cake =high. desire for a life without the 9-5 and a generous helping of mountain scenery = ultra high. had to admit by wednesady i was questioning the wisdom of pushing myself that hard. thrusday i tried a run - after 30 min, i guess i did not feel all that bad. afetr 45 min i was so tired i had to stop and walk. shit- i've a huge race in 2 weeks!

friday morning swim session - splashed about a bit.

saturday a planned easy ride 40 miles to dad's summer party. 2hours in and i felt like death. really in a bad way - only turning the pedals because there was no choice. luckliy there was the prospect of food and good times to motivate me, so i made it.
its just once a year but those two really do host a superb summer party: marques, bbq, massive salad buffet, kegs of beer and barrels of wine, loads space for the kids and dogs to play in. not seen the old man since new year, so it was nice to catch up breifly. everyone comented how fit and lean i looked, whilst i stufed myself with chicken, lentils, salads, fruit and cream! the feast that they'd put on must have been the most nutritious feed i've had in a long time, since i felt toatlly restored, and rather that catching a train home form a nearby station as planned i felt well enough to ride by, and enjoy the return journey.

sunday - swim in londons finest open water 50m pool, london fields lido. not a patch on those italin examples, but pretty decent - and equally cold. wore the blue seventy fast swimming suit in teh hope that i'd be a bit warmer. not only did it fail to do this, but the fats swimming function seems to be non operational. cut the session short due to shivers. an hour run in nteh afternoon and i realised i felt normla and was running about my normal speed for a long run. resisted running long though as recovery is still top priority. ease back gently.

today - i feel fit again. full of motivation for early swim - 4.6km worked the water hard, trying to impliment tips recieved from gordo during epic. then staright out on the time trial bike for a ride - 4.5 hour with 2.45 @ IM pace. a hard session but the suffering was not more than usual ;o) completed the day with a 20 min jog off the bike.

tommorow will be a very easy day - no need to push it now keep eating well, sleeping enough and just 'ticking over' for ironman germany

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lord_lordy said...

Great summary of the post EPIC feeling. Glad yours cleared in a week my are still hanging around ;o(

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