Friday, 20 June 2008

Cortina, Epic day of Rest

Thursday 12 June 2008.
Epic Camp, day 5

2hr run with Steven on the bike track which runs behind the hotel before breakfast The track is predominantly uphill on the way out, and suspect that it would eventually intersect with the bike path that we’d used the previous day to get from Brunico and extends on as far as Verona. Out at 5am, we saw a mountain moose-type thing and several other smaller mountain creatures out doing their thing. Very peaceful. We were both pretty tired – our average run speed only just over 9 ½ min miles.

Today was a ‘free choice’ day -a chance to take it easy with only the minimum 3kswim, 60k bike and 50min run to complete. I shoved my bike in the van and took a lift to the pool, where I’d go for a bonus 6km swim including the 10x 200/3.25(wetsuit) set, followed by a pyramid set of my own. I occurred to me after about 4.5km that this was possibly the longest swim I’ve ever done. Steven and John N were waiting with my bike when I finally emerged from the pool, Steven and I enjoyed the leisurely cruise as far as the first town of reasonable size to drink a coffee before going our separate ways – me home, him for an unexpectedly brutal ‘scenic loop’ which took him a further 4 hours and over 2 significant mountains! It started raining heavily not long after we said goodbye, ironically noting how under dressed we were, and that short ride back felt very hard on my fatigued and chilled frame.

Stats to end of day 5:
Swim 15km
Bike 420mi
Run 60mi
Total 42 hours.

I really was not in good spirits at the end of this day. Not having slept well at all since the start of the camp, fatigue was beginning to get to my nerves and I worried that perhaps I’d overcooked it. However, at this point I’m holding 2nd place to Steven in the points comp, just a head of Scott and John N, which is providing plenty of motivation to keep on it.

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