Friday, 20 June 2008

Bolzano, Epic day 6..meltdown on a mountain

Friday 13th June 2008.
Epic Camp, day 6

Still feeling pretty moody I headed out for 1h40 run on the track in the rain. It always sounds worse than it really is as you lie in bed listening to the weather falling, and this proved to be the case as, for the first half of the run it was just a bit drizzley. I hardly noticed as it got progressively heavier. Coming through one of the tunnels on my return, I tripped and fell on a rock that I’d not noticed in the dark. Went flying, landing on my shoulder elbow and left knee, which would be pretty painful for a good few days. I limped for a bit and realized that I was soaked and had better get back as fast as possible or I’d be really cold. Truth is that I’d only really done this run a s means to making up the points that I was sure to loose to Scott and John in the aquathon which was scheduled later in the morning – behaviour that I’d originally set out to avoid. There was certainly no training benefit and now I’d suffer with my knee for the rest of the camp, but I guess I cannot suppress my competitive instincts.

The rain put pay to the planed aquathon, since the outdoor pool did not open and we relocated to another, indoor 25m pool in town. The mood amongst the Epic Campers was generally grey and lethargic, though we were at least glad to be given a ride to the pool rather than having to ride there in the continuing downpour! In the pool I was able to crack the 20 x100 on 1.40 set.

A quick change into ‘race kit‘ for, as an alternative to the aquathon, the team had organized 10km race – with additional points being awarded to the closest guess to their actual time. My guess was 42.5min. I setoff fast, cross country style- partly out of habit, partly for the temporary amusement of Scot and Steven , who I stuck with fro about 1km. After about 2km I started sliding back through the field and finished up behind Gordo, John , Scott, Steven, Russell and Anthony. Not exactly sure of my time – but it was in the region of 35 min! I’d felt good running and was fairly certain that I’d run better than 42.5min pace, but not that much better! Reckon it was about 8.5km at most.

As we were having our usual picnic treats fro lunch the sun came out, and it was nice to get on the bikes and en route to our next hotel destination, Bolzano. Just one climb today – the Passo de Erbe at 2000m. The fatigue in my legs really made itself known in a big way as soon as we hit the foot of this relatively minor pass, and I could only watch and whimper as one by one the guys pedalled past me. Only Russell, suffering with a horrdio cough all week, and being sensibly restrained remains just in sight behind, and provided just sufficient motivation to keep pedalling to stay ahead. It was a suffer fest. But worth it for 55km of descent into Bolzano! And a pretty luxurious hotel - our room had a bath and I could give my poor legs a cold water treat before heading out to the poolside to relax and admire the view of the mountain we’d ridden over.

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