Friday, 19 February 2010

olivia saves the day

Each morning I get up at 5am in order to check my emails during the last hours of UK office time, before starting my own day with a 6am swim. E-mail of the day today from one of my athletes, Olivia, included this golden quote:

".......Got arrested by the Army this morning for running on a live firing range. They let me off with a warning for my first offence. Apparently they were just about to let off a javelin missile when they saw me panting up the hill. But they were nice about my running: we thought you were a soldier but you went up that hill too fast.........."

Brilliant :o)

The sun has returned to Christchurch (at last).... post swim, i found myself in the gym, staring alternatly between my gym log book, the squat rack in front of me and the golden Port hills outside. Legs felt completely empty and i was ru-ing my 5 am admin routine. No motivation to lift that sucker even once, let alone repeatedly. Perhaps breakfast and a nap would help? or perhaps just a good dose of vitamin D was what was called for?

so, leaving my gym gear there to ensure that i DID return to get that session done later, i walked out into the daylight. 4 hours riding in the hills, every now and again the image of Olivia running through the trenches of Dorset pops into my head, no need for the mp3 that i'd packed or motivation today - and i was totally rejuvinated and ready to hit the gym.
(managed to squat52.5kg - my own body weight)

30 min run on the treadmill to finish the day, and felt pleased with myself for turning the day around. It goes to show what a good humorous start to the day can give you.

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