Friday, 31 October 2008


today was a great day for swimming, exciting plans and cake. unfortunatly it was not a great day for getting design infomation issued or knees, but you really cant have everything.

swimming - feeling so low on energy and motivation on wednesday, which i put down to onset of a cold that i skipped the evening swim session. an evening spent queitly whatchig tv seemed to have done me good as i felt 100% the next day and determined to make up the lost workout. reckon that they'd filled the pool with fast water that evening as i was feeling comfortable at a considerably quicker pace than target, even whilst doing the set on my own in a public pool. this morning's swim session was similar - usually my friday swim is a sleepy and half-hearted 90 min effort to maintain a steady pace...but this morning i was again shaving seconds off my target rep times throughout the session. it could be that i am just a little less fatigued this week, which i have found really impacts my swimming - and if so its worth my while monitoring this as my pool motivation improves dramatically when i can see improvements like this.

exciting plans - this is the best part - we've just confirmed our places for EPIC camp New Zealand!! it was such an insane training experince in Italy last year, and being the home turf of Scott and John, the guys behind the Camp I get the sense of real familiarity with people coming back year on year. some real stars too, going by tales that we heard whilst out in italy - i also think its a larger group with a harder hard-core. it'll be great to see a few of the guys who we met out in italy as well as meet a couple of professional iron-girls who i gather are signed up. and with the ironman 4 weeks after the end of camp, we are looking at a pretty long trip to the other side of the world now too.....which will certainly make winter training a bit more palatable!!

cake - we said farewell to Ola, the architect from Poland, today. she baked a cake - which we all agreed was the most delicious cake ( a sort of unbelievably light chocolaty almondy tarty cake) that anyone had ever tasted. we felt rather sorry that she had witheld this talent untill her final day....but it was probably for our better health. so thank you Ola, and good luck with your ventures in Poland and if you ever come back to visit, bring cake.


Russ said...

Glad to hear you and Steven will be at Epic. Looking forward to it too, this time I'm going for more points, none of this just the minimum stuff!

Be good to catch up with you in NZ in Jan/Feb.


joannacarritt said...

hey russ - great to hear from u. congrats on the Jaggad deal too!
sounds liek its all going well - big hours too, from what Steven tells me. reckon you'll be a real contender by the time epic comes around. how u feeling about IM WA?

Russ said...

Yep I'm following the high volume training route, reckon I should be really ready for Epic this time. I do remember being warned that the 2nd camp is the dangerous one, because you know you can do it so you try to go a bit further!

Really looking forward to WA I'll be over there for a few weeks in the run up so get some time to train on the course. If I can get my taper right, shift the training fatigue I reckon sub-9:20 is on!

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