Monday, 1 September 2008

Wisco a -go-go II

thought i should be brave and talk about my race targets for this one.

i decided to enter this race shortly after Kona 2007, which coincided with the end of season review and goal setting period. here is what i wrote in my diary at that time as targets for WI:

swim 62min
bike 5h40
run 3hr30
total 10:18

this was based on analysis of qualifying times for the fastest age group women, over the last 3 or 4 years and what i thought i could do in relation to these performances.
a 10:18-ish would typically win my age group (because of the proportionally smaller field and fewer slots for women, the stats don't work brilliantly for us)

at the same time i set my targets for IM Germany as :
swim 63
bike 5:20
run 3:25
total 9:54

actual results were
swim 60 ( short course for sure)
bike 5:17
run 3:20
total 9:43

so better than i'd hoped for at the start of the season.

Dare I adjust the Wisco targets?

well, unfortunatley i don't think i'm there with the swim, in fact i'm slower these days - current state of affairs would see me very happy with:
swim- 65 min

it's difficult to say not having seen the bike course, but i'm certainly riding stronger than at DE and its more my sort of terrain, as long as i don't over cook it, so let's say
bike - 5:35

having run 3:20 at Germany, i'm pretty confident about having one of the fastest run splits here - the past results dont indicate a fast run course though, so
run - 3:25 would be a good one.

with 6 min for transition that'd be
total 10:12 - so 10:15 looks like an attainable target.


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