Sunday, 31 August 2008

Wisco a-go-go!

I've just finished wrestling the Obi into my bike box (real struggle even for my small bikes: DONT buy a DHB box!!) we are definitly on the way now. the count- down begins!

this has been a pretty painless taper - far too busy with work and tri club stuff and a damaged bike needing emergency transportation to Cycles Dauphin (in Surrey) to stress about my own physical condition. In any case i feel pretty good, only that i have certainly not slept enough this week.

I'd like to average 7 hrs in the lead up to a race. Still, we have a long flight ahead and a decent spell in Madison before race day so if my body needs it, there are oppurtunities to catch up next week. Otherwise it's all looking good.

The damage to the bike was a result of riding 90+ hilly miles on a seriously 'out of dish' wheel. and rubbing a groove into the material of the rear stays. Obviously, gutting and cause for serious concern about whether it'd be safe to race on. So, 6 days before flying out to the states i'm considering my options fro setting up the training bike, borrowing or just risking it. Luckily, the guys at the bike shop, who gave it their prompt attention, didn't feel that its as bad as it appears and low risk. So Obi lives on, for now.

And Carritt is feeling pretty confident too; at race weight and satisfied with my training since IM Germany - as good as it could have been given the recovery period limiting time,as well as cumulative fatigue from a long year of higher volume.

In fact my only concern is that i've become a little complacent about it! I don't feel as much anxiety this race as usual. I'd have good reason to be - it's a tough course, expectations of my performance are high, but most importantly i'm hoping to qualify for Kona, so this one does matter!

Still, if my only worry is that i'm not worried enough, i'm in a good position.

So it's Wisconsin a go-go !!!!

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runtilyoudrop said...

Jo dont worry about lack of pre race nerves, I would say it is a good thing and suggests you are confident of what you can do and in the right place for your race.

Go out and have a BIG day.

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