Monday, 25 April 2016

The Dirty Reiver

Crikey -  it's been a year since I posted anything up here!!
As I'm sure you can imagine and hopefully have seen through various other media, this does not mean I've not been active last year...perhaps another post to wrap up my 2106 racing season, my last as a Pro, and plans for what's next is in order.

But for now, a race report with a bit of a difference !!

The Dirty Reiver 200km

In all I was surprised that not only did I survive this new challenge, but enjoyed every minute of it, and finished as the second female.

This is the first step towards an ambition of mine to compete in the 3peaks cyclocross race this year.
More on that will follow here, for now fingers crossed I can get a start in this popular race.

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James Haigh said...

If you had enough for a sprint finish, you weren't trying hard enough! Hahaha. Fantastic effort!!
Great write-up, thanks for taking the time and sharing, Jo.
All the best for the too - amazing ambition - you can do it!
By for now.