Friday, 7 March 2014

Camp Life

well right now the UK seems like  avery distant place; whilst i have only been on Lanzarote for just over 2 weeks having been through the very intense experience that was EPIC woman camp ( read the camp blogs here ) time seems to curl up on itself when we're cramming 16 hours into every day! There's always a real empty feeling once the camp is over and all the people who have been your entire focus of the past 8 days, feel like life-long friends - are suddenly gone. However, this time is a little different because after a few days rest and relaxing with Daz and Debs of  Tri Sports Lanzarote, who hosted our camp (and provided an amazing standard of hospitality and support throughout ) it's time to move on and start with one of the highlights of my year ; the EverydayTraining Endurance Camp in Lanzarote!!

This will be our largest camp to date - after 4 years word has gotten around and the result being that this year we even had to turn people away. That's a bittersweet feeling; but Steven and I feel that exceeding 18 on the camp would change the dynamic that we are so proud to have created amongst previous groups of campers. We have several returning campers and equal number of first timers. some of whom  either Steven or I coach directly, some not. Pleasingly, we have a good balance of male; female athletes ( with our all-female support crew helping with that balance).

We have been presented with one or two challenges this year -namely a new location and the logistics that entails - and also look forward to presenting some new challenges to the campers ( i recce'd an awesome new and exotic run route yesterday and we're just off togo try a new swimming route too…)

campers arrive tomorrow. you can  follow the blogs from this camp at 

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