Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Life on Camp

I am currently enjoying a week of coaching in the warm climes of Lanzarote on the EverydayTraining Late Season "Booster" camp. This camp was designed for athletes with autumn/winter races wishing to tune up their summer fitness in a warm climate. As it's the end of season there is less emphasis on building endurance than our usual pre-Ironman camps in March, and more focus on coached training sessions. This makes the camp also suitable for athletes seeking an opportunity to develop particular aspects of their training in a focused environment and enables us to accommodate athletes with a wider range of experience. So..we have multiple Ironmen in preparation for Florida and Arizona training alongside novice triathletes who's longest ride coming into the camp was 20km!

We are having a great week so far...and you can follow the camp action and updates at:

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