Saturday, 11 February 2012

post- double enduroman, lanzarote.

Massive thanks to everyone who has sent their congratulations...and opinions about my mental stability ;o)
well, i survived it. so i guess the training was adequate - it certainly enabled me to worry less about my body, which all held together pretty good, and keep focused on what was going on inside my head - which was mostly pretty positive.
But my success/survival was at least 80% down to the support of my crew -and 20% down to the support of others out there on the day. All i had to do was keep movin'.
My Mum and my Steven are true superstars.

this was one amazing experience and ....yes...i may have got a taste for it.

the cancellation of the swim was very dissapointing - not that i love swimming, but i do love triathlon, and swimming comes with that (besides i spent HOURS in that damn pool at Club la Santa!) - and i feel that there's unfinished business.

I reckon I could shave several hours off my bike just by virtue of better conditions, and ditto the run. I cannot imagine how Gregorio and Guy got through it so quick -no stops - ore even pausing on the bike, and their run times are amazing ( they do suggest that the course was somewhat under measured, but even so it's not far off)

my race report will follow soon's taking almost as long to write it as the race took!

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