Sunday, 8 January 2012

Double Training continues...

Since posting the my previous post which outlined my training plans , I can report that thanks to a very mild December at home I have been able to get those long rides done, which I feel has given me a ‘toe-up’ on the road to endurance. Participating in the Rapha Festive 500km via Strava helped over the Christmas period, although it did rather derail my very sensible planning to limit hours and have a rest day each week. But I did only train 2.5 hours on Christmas day and Boxing day ;o) My weekly schedule has topped at 29hrs so far, although I have struggled to accomplish the long swims that I had planned in our local pool due to festive closures, and yes, ok – bottom line is lack of motivation. Ditto long runs. This is the area that makes me most nervous – I’m not a fan and typically run under 40 miles /week with my longest run not more than 15mile outside of marathon training ..which is pretty much always. My longest runs are in Ironman races! Well ,that’s gotta change and yes…the wheels are in motion. By doing mid-length (1.5-2hr) runs off the bike at the end of a big weekend, I feel that I’m accomplishing part of the preparation: running when dog-tired, but there’s no hiding from the need to spend more time on my feet.

So, we arrived in Lanzarote and settled into our apartment in Club La Santa on Tuesday. I’m writing this on Sunday evening – just back from a 3hr run which took 3.5hrs (due to 2 water stops, a bit of navigation and some barely run-able terrain along the way enforcing micro- walking breaks . Yes, I DO stop my watch) I’m pleased to report a run mileage north of 50, and that I have accomplished 2 swims over over 7km in the 5 days we’ve been here.

It’s been a little odd getting back on the QR having spend so much time recently on my Litespeed road bike (which I duly rode the cranks off on new year’s eve, forcing me to ride 2/3rd of my planned 120mile on the fixie – no route adjustments) and I’m finding myself sitting up when the road starts pointing up, which u don’t wanna be doing in Lanzarote!!

Tomorrow is a rest day…and then follows a “run week” where I will be aiming to cover 56miles in two days, chock in a couple of 6hr rides and another 8km swim set.

EK arrives this evening and I’m hopeful that sickly room-mate Rachel is recovered from the most severe tonsilitus that I’ve seen which has kept her confined to her bed for most of the “camp” so far. I look forward to seeing the last bowl of garlic soup (food of champions, when they’re ill, apparently!) and having some ride company next week.

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sparky said...

Sounds like things are going well Jo. Glad to hear - Happy 2012...

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