Tuesday, 11 January 2011

tourist training

we're on our way to race Challenge Wanaka, with our Jucy 8-seater rental and big picnic box we're taking the scenic route there. And my word, it really is! We've been so lucky with the weather this summer and are seeing some of the best Kiwi scenery in the best possible conditions. Rather than the full-on madness of Epic Camp, it's just Steven and I doing bits and pieces and taking turns to ride en-route. We both took a trip up to Mount Cook - not the summit,or even the glacier ( they said not suitabel for road bikes, but hows a bout a $500 helicopter ride up there?) but at least to the small and very subtly designed alpine village where climbers depart for the mountain side huts. A 2hr early morning run in the lovely little town of Twizel consisting of 3 laps of the trail which circles the town reinstated my confidence in the calf pinch that had been bothering me all week, then set off for teh 5hr round trip. Short, paced run off the bike finished a 37hr week. Not Epic ( and i'm glad not) but I'm now starting to feel fit again after Bussleton and Christmas. I feel ready to train! But there's the small matter of a iron-distance race on saturday though! I do wish that I had 3-4 weeks to get in some real fitness and shed a couple kg, but it's not really likely that the organisors will move the race at such late request. even for me - who was at one point last week the only female professional entrant. could've been my first big win ;o) ....or the first occasion where i've finished dead last. Half full/half empty etc
we're staying in the little town of Hawea ( which is actually on the race bike route) for a couple of days under the expert hospitality of Doug Scott in his amazing batch. Doug's a friend from previous Epic camps, skinny as a rake (i'm jealous) and is currently on fire on the bike. he's going to rock the half which he's doing in preparation for Taupo and nursing his legs back to running form. Todays training - my last 'session' before the race went good. power high and Hr making sense, good speed on the run -like i said, i'd love to have a few weeks to work with this but at the least it gives me some confidence for the weekend.

It's a tough course - similar to wimbleball, but twice as long, but such amazing scenery and fingers crossed that the weather holds up. Tomorrow we move into Wanaka and the hotel that sponsors the event giving us complimentary accommodation. hows about that for being looked after!

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