Friday, 30 April 2010

ridin' the keen green mahine

the piped muzak in McD's is driving me mad...gonna have to bolt v. shortly, so this is just a quick update and a chance to post this piccie of me, my new bike and my new EverydayTraining kit, in the sunshine, in lanzarote. Ahhh. life's good!

the rescheduled flight was totally hassle free, we did not get stiffed for excess bags and the hotel are not even charging us for the days we missed of our booking. weather is good, though we have been treated to some of the stronger winds i've experienced on this island. good practice - albeit a little scary.

last week freshening seems to have paid off, and i'm feeling pretty good in my training. just 3 weeks 'til race day and we are trying a long taper this time around, so i'm not piling on the hours - just making sure i hit target paces. we have a nice little group here now at Arena Dorada (basic, clean, friendly and well situated budget hotel. perfect) though the boys ARE piling on the ride hours whilst i stick to my schedule so much of the time we just meet for meals.

riding the new bike (the mean green machine) is such a pleasure. hardly can tell if there's a headwind or not - its THAT aero. a few tweaks still to get it perfect set up for me, but that's part of the fun. and it sure gets some attention! i have to think where i stop unless i want a conv. about the bike ;o) but i have to admit, it's very pleasing that it attracts such admiration. i just need to get the legs worthy of it!

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