Monday, 29 March 2010


Here’s the ‘before ‘picture of the Carritt sisters at last weekend’s Orion 15. I was pleased and amazed at how well I ran this – felt light and fast and strong finish despite having done only one 90 min run since my injury – which itself was a very testing experience for my legs. I was convinced that I would find my muscular endurance very much wanting on this hard 15 miler. It’d certainly be over 2hours of running – and I was genuinely concerned about making the 9 miles cut off at 90 min. Turns out that endurance was no problem. Perhaps it was the more forgiving surfaces, perhaps you don’t loose as much fitness as you might suppose, perhaps it’s down to the fact that I’m a few kg light at the moment ( god knows how!) perhaps it was just such fun that I forgot to get tired!! There’s nothing quite as exhilarating for me as tearing through a forest on a cold winter day, splattered head to toe in mud with a bunch of other nutters all pushing you along at pace. Just a couple of hundred metres into the race, my shoe was sucked right off in a large ‘puddle’ of mud, forcing me to turn against the hordes of the race to go back and retrieve it! You know its gonna be a tough course when it steals your shoes!

I enjoyed gloating at my sister, too, who had a shocking run. She may be able to knock out a sub 38min 10k n the road, but she simply is not used to and does not enjoy the mud and uneven surfaces of cross country. Finishing 15 min behind me, I had a good laugh at her and called her a lazy cow….she was in a right moooood. I have a feeling that I am going to get seriously ‘served’ in two weeks when she comes to Taunton for the half marathon!

On my arrival in Taunton this week, I was greeted by my mother who has kindly driven through Taunton traffic (the worst!) to collect me from the station which is all of 1km away! It was raining though an I did appreciate that :o) When we get in , like christmas morning, I’m straight away looking for the packages that have been awaiting me. First is a load of sports nutrition products from Powerbar. The package was mostly comprised of boxes of the different types of bars that they now make - I’m used to the classic, solid chewy Powerbar that is typically distributed at Ironman races, but was interested to try out some of the different higher protein options that are available, as well as the more natural Harvest bars, so I have a good selection. I will be using these instead of my home made date and nut bars for the rest of the year (they sent enough!), assessing their merits in the following critical areas:
On- bike openability
Mouth feel/chew time/number of bites /bar – eatability
Hunger satisfaction (saitiability)
Energy boost/release rate
Flatulance factor
Nutritional balance and number of alien sounding ingredients
Powerbar have not asked for this feedback – but that’s just the sort of thing that keeps me entertained on long solo rides, so they’re gonna get it!
I’ve also got a stash of Ride shots, which I know are great, and their gels – again I’ve always favoured these for my races, and various protein powders for when I step up the training load/can no longer afford real food.

The other box …tat dad a…my new bike! A Bright Green painted ( yes ,that was an extra surprise for me, having been anticipating a white frame!) Qunitana Roo CD.01. in my room – and mine! The detailing on the frame is absolutely gorgeous and is currently being admired by the guys at Bicycle Chain in Taunton who are sawing it to size and running the cabling through the frame. I admit that I was a little concerned as to whether I’d be able to find a anyone in a local bike shop familiar with this sort of highly specialist bike, but the mechanic, at Bicycle Chain has worked on a number of tri bikes and after our first meeting I was totally reassured. In fact, it is ready for me to collect tomorrow morning ….and I’ll take it out for a spin. If it’s dry.

The weather this weekend has improved over what it was earlier this week, and I’m just back form a great ride with 6 guys, associated with the Somerset RC Tri club who are doing their final training preparations for the Etape of the Tour of Flanders next weekend .It was a fast paced ride, as i expected, but such friendly bunch they made sure that I stuck with them by easing up over the tops of the hills..and one or two hefty shoves on the backside if i lost the back of the bunch!! Despite my slower pace, I have been invited to join them regularly which will be good for my riding. I think that actually they appreciated my presence as it tempered the testosterone hammering that they normally serve to one another. Alan commented that this had been the nicest group ride that they’d managed. Which of course I take full credit for ;o)

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