Thursday, 14 January 2010

foot consult

Brief but thorough consult with the sports doctor on the foot, who fairly confidently ruled out stress fracture and assessed that the trouble is with a nerve that runs from under foot, up calf, thigh, gluts and attached to base of spine; the siatic nerve. this explains the hot spots that i experience in my butt - though i thought that the amount of cycling may also explain that to an extent! although the acute symptoms are similar to a morton's neuroma, addressing the root of the problem at the base of my spine may be a slower fix, but is a more robust and long lasting approach. Not entirly the outcome i'd hoped for ( ie a definitive diagnosis and simple, fast solution) but he referred me for some chiropractic adjustments, which i could get there and then. It was getting a little tight for the scheduled bike departure for Geraldine, but i thought worthwhile. It was - after some manipulation to my lower back, pelvis, rear of knee and foot i was actually able to bear weight on the foot without discomfort for the first time in 2 weeks. a programme of chiro treatments will follow this camp.

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