Thursday, 17 December 2009

sick note

yeah, this really is just a post so that i can moan that i'm not well! i hate being ill and teh evening after the day of my soaking in the rain i felt that tell tale tickly throat and woke up with banging headache, raspy chest and a painful cough which produced some interesting flourescent green stuff. i didn;t feel great but am torn between hypochondria/feeling sorry for myself and the feeling that really i just need to 'man up'and get on with it. so, i proceeded to the QE2 center for almost 2hrs of swimming long reps - it was a pretty quite session and i had a lane to myself. though i was a little disappointed that none of the other squad swimmers joined me to pull me along on teh rep times a bit, it was for the best since the girls that showed up were swimming quite a bit faster than my 'steady pace' and would have lapped me at least once during a 600m rep. Its good to know that those Wednesady sessions are quite and long for teh next few weeks as i build up to a solid 6km+ swim in preparation for Epic Camp. Having survived that session with the aid of Lemsip and paracetemol, i was up for the next: a couple of hours of Aet reps with a few short sprints in at teh end. With my HR monitor on it was pretty clear from the outset that i was not 100% since my heartrate was about 10 beats higher just cruising out of town. I felt a bit weird but not so bad once the intervals started, and of course it was quite easy to get into my heartrate zone. I compensated by pushing it 5-10 beats higher than usual, and enjoyed the session. Once home, and perhaps medication wearing off i started to feel truely ropey, and had a nap before my run. i'd accepted teh offer of a lift to teh forest with Ali - the plan being to run half an hour on the trails and then teh 30 min back. this was a daft idea really, as it was totally committing and after 15 min of easy running i just wanted to lie down and die. I cut the trail short and made for teh quickest way home, at a really gentle pace. i still got almost an hour's running done, though really compromised teh session and would have benifited a lot more from staying in my bed for the whole afternoon.

the result of that misjudgment is that this morning i felt like total crap and there was no way that i was going to be able to get my favourite session of teh week - 800s on teh track - done. so i had a morning of moping and feeling very sorry for myself indeed now - coupled with teh frustration that i'm missing key sessions in my preparation for Epic Camp. And a nagging fear that i have got meningitus and will wake up dead...

Never-the-less , some use has come out of this extra free time, as i was able to spend some time working on some of my athletes Christmas training schedules, and updated my website. I've also recently been coordinating the production of some new race kit which is being designed by a friend of ours, Richard at, produced by Oomph and funded, after a random and generous offer from a guy on my BTF coaching course last month. It might seem like a simple process, and i admit that i thought it would be too, but trying to coordinate across 3 countries and time zones by email only has turned out to be a real mission of 'project management'- something i've worked hard to avoid in previous vocations! Thankfully though i think that we are ready to run the sewing machines (or whatever) and have a kit that looks great. I'm excited to see it - just hope it can get from Vancouver to New Zealand in time for march!

A side result of having Richard's design input is that we now have a logo and look for Evereydaytraining too, and Steven has made a start of the new look website - take a peek:

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