Saturday, 2 May 2009


this is a superfast update as i am perched on a wall on the peurto del carmen seafront, it's not a ver comfotable wall, being made of lava rock and the sun has gone down too its a bit chilly. steven is waiting for me in teh local 'spansih ' bar in front of britain's got talent , showing on sky tv. that gives a flavour of the resort!
we've been here a week, done a bit of recoveing from my slightly dissapointing, but still within the realms of respectable (and certainly sufficiently painful) 3:01 at the london marathon. set off on good pace - a litle too good, really -and slowely faded to 7-ishmin/miles
been riding the winds and re-familiarizing myself with teh layout of the island - and the TT bike! for a bit of a kick up the arse i raced th evolcano olympic triathlon today. famed for the high profile field of triathletes it attracts in preparation for eh Im in 3 weeks time. i managed a reasonable race - that's all i can say. not super quick but a good hard training session. celebrated with a beer. well, it'd be rude not too.

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H said...

Hi Jo, we're sooo jealous of you, Steven & Russ being out there on the windy Island! We're looking forward to seeing you all when we get out on the 16th. Well done in London, Tom was brilliant at spotting you, I was awful but managed to get one snap of you (I've posted it on Facebook) you looked strong and although you are dissapointed with your time, it is as you say VERY respectable, infact more than that. Hopefully it'll all come together for you in Lanza and you'll have the race you wish for. Happy taper, I can't wait...H

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