Monday, 6 April 2009

Taunton Marathon

As defending ladies winner of this local race, wearing the number “2” and having been featured in this the Somerset Gazzette’s race preview this week there was a certain sense of pressure/pride in this race. However, positioned so soon after the Ironman (with last weekend’s disastrous 20 miler to vouch for that!) and London Marathon 3 weeks later, my entry really was intended as a last long run before London. So, the keep temptation at bay and thoughts of the much needed £100 prize money out of mind, I ran without a watch - but I did have the Garmin sneakily attached to my back for HR data and splits info after the event. I took it easy and chatted my way round the first half in 1:37 or something, 4 mins slower than Lotte who set another PB of 1:33 for the half marathon. I was surprised to see later that my HR was 160 -165 BPM for this first loop, as it really did not feel that hard and I really had been in conversation with a guy from my old running club, Bracknell Forest Runners for the majority of that time. Splits were about 7.30 give or take hills. It started to hurt when the half marathon runners stopped and the race thinned out. Miles 15-18 were tough, my Hr dropped to 155 and splits to 8-8:15 min/mile. But after mile 19 or20, I entered a happier place thanks to a caffeinated gel and some ibuprofen, caught the runners who'd passed me during my bad patch and even picked up to 'race pace' (sub 7 min miles, Hr 175-180) for the final two miles, second place and a 3:19 finish.
The race was won in 3:14 - not fast at all, and quarter of an hour slower than my time last year. For the sake of 5 min I could have earned another £50, but glad I didn't, as I have not enjoyed a long run so much for a long time ;o) and such a relief after last week’s fatigue and poor training. Here’s what coach Molina had to say:
“That’s good news in several ways:
- that your Hrate was easy to elevate . That’s a good sign you’re not nuked!
- That you werent’ completely crippled.
- That you can run an easy 3:19 when you’re not that fit.
- That you can run without a watch! – if you’re going to be in this sport long term then its important to just train relaxed sometimes and go completely on effort."

And i am hoping that this means that I am finally recovered enough to start training for lanzarote - afetr recovering from this run!!


H said...

Hi Jo, Tom & I are spectating this year at London so we'll look out for you on the course (probably be at the green start, then mile 13-14 and mile 22.) Look forward to catching up with you and Steven in Lanza. Have a great one. H. x

runtilyoudrop said...

stick with it Jo. I think you will come right for Lanzarote. Are you going all out at Flora?

joannacarritt said...

hmmm. all out? well, that was the plan, but quite what will happen is very unpredictable at the moment. things seem very up and down and to be honest i am a little wary of the preparation time that i could loose for Lanza after an all out effort. will have to see how things go in the next 2 weeks.

Russ said...

Do they pay cash at Taunton now? When I came third a few years back it was WHSmiths vouchers!

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