Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Epic Over

Here i am back in Christchurch, Epic Camp all over, with my 'feet up' and feeling quite sad that it is all over. It was a hell of a week challenging in a number of ways, and being surrounded by a great bunch of people to share the challenges with - that kind of experience really effects me and leaves me feeling kinda empty when its over.

Not only did i achieve a pretty solid bloc of training volume, despite a day out due to injury, and cycling was at higher intensity that i'd usually ride over those distances, but learned a lot from the others on the camp and met some folk that i'd really hope to stay in contact with. In fact, I have just had a bike fitting session with Chris and Marilyn McDonald who had noticed some bio mechanical problems during the camp which they felt could be limiting my ability to maintain power over longer rides. I'm so grateful for their taking the time to come over and help - advice from athletes of their calibre is awesome. I managed to spend some time chatting with Tara too - well more like drilling her with questions about her training - which she openly and thouroughly discussed with me. We are now training under the same coach, after all!

Stats from my training log:
in 8 days of Epic
25km swimming
725miles riding
78miles running
61 hours training

this week is going to be very light. i feel tired and know from last year that it'll be at least 2 weeks before i feel fully recovered. I have been out spinning my legs on teh bike for about 60-90 min at at time the last 2 days, and had a nice easy swim this morning. I felt like lead in the pool! I may ride little longer today, avoiding hills still though and try a light run tomorrow. My focus will really be on diet - weaning myself of the huge amounts of food that i was tucking into last week and ensuring that i eat really healthily. No more booze, caffeine or sugary stuff until after Taupo now.

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John Levison said...

you are undeniably mental... but I am secretly jealous! Looking forward to following your progress in Taupo.

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