Saturday, 22 November 2008


2009 is looking to be some year for me now. having paid entry for ironman new zealand and deposits for epic camp new zealand a month earlier, an extended training trip to the southern hemisphere was certainly going to feature in the early part of the year. it got us thinking, and last week my boss agreed to my request for a 6 month sabbatical leave. flights are booked for 5th janurary!

we'll hit christchurch exactly at the start of the first race preparation phase of my training for the ironman, and be in ideal environment, summer weather and without time constraints or stresses of a day-job ;o)

taking this time off work will also enable me to spend time on lanzarote prior to racing there in may too. the cost of accomodation, half board, in the resort hotels is cheaper than paying rent and living in london!

i have signed over my flat and am currently going through the process of whittling down and selling, donating, throwing or giving away my possesions - everything that cannot be distributed amongst friends and family for safe keeping, stuffed into mum's attic or a rucksack. this part is a little unnerving, as is the scrutiny of my saving accounts and sketching out budgets for the period, which don't quite exactly square up. but the time seems to be right with work, with my current triathlon performances and goals and for steven too, for a change and taking a chance - and having a bloody great time seeing a bit more of the world!

who knows, i might even knock out some decent performances next year


Russ said...

Great news! Full-time is the way to go. I've not regretted leaving the working world behind and getting stuck in to training.

Maybe you'll knock out some decent performances?! The way you're going whilst you're still working you'll be flying without the hassles of a job.

joannacarritt said...

so, you've not been yearning for excessive coffee and the chat about last night's celebrety come dancing? i seriously think its what keeps me sane!

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