Tuesday, 8 July 2008

post DE notes

target finish time: 'comfortably sub-10hrs'
actual finish time: 9hrs 43min 19 seconds

notes: first female age group finisher, 8th female finisher overall.

target swim:63 min
actual swim: 60mins 31 seconds

WHAT??? yes, i felt i was swiming well - kept reminding myself to WORK in the water, stayed focused and all that but as much as i'd like to belive it was all down to the presence of SUPERJO, reckon the course was slightly short. 8th fastest in AG.

target bike: 5hr 15
actual bike: 5hr 17.17
having realized that this was a fast course and that my main competion was a strong cyclist and ahead out of the swim i may have hit the first lap a little hard. Vying for position with another in my AG, we managed to catch the leader of our AG by the end of lap 1, but at cost to me. overcooked, hungry and 50 miles to go, i faded, lost contact with the other girls and as the winds picked up, suffered and lost 11 min on that lap. tried to keep positive, and pushing on. 4th fastest bike split in AG.

target run: 3hr 25
actual run: 3hr 20. 46

SUPERJO took over again and was running well, through the first lap in 45 min and taking 1st position by the 8km mark. As expected lost time as i went on but motivated to push as i saw 2nd lady not more than 40 sec behind at each turn around. after 15km or so superjo made her excuses and left - and regular jo stepped into the hurt box, where she would remain for the next 2 hours or so, focusing on keeping those km splits around the 4:45 mark. worth it though, as by the final turn point i saw i'd lost any chasers by minutes and all i had to do was stay upright and moving for 2km for the win. fastest AG run split (5th fastest female run slit overall!)

feels good.

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